Ride with a double-seat powerboat will be available  in one of many stages of Latvian Open Championship , in which we will offer you a chance to enjoy the beauty of the race, as well as experience a thrilling ride. You are welcome to join us in one the stages mentioned below!

Latvian Championship 2nd stageJūrmala08.06 - 08.06
Baltic Championship, LC stageKupiskis, Lietuva22.06 - 23.06
Latvian championship 3rd stageJēkabpils06.07 - 06.07
World Championship GT15Alūksne, Latvija12.07 - 14.07
Latvian Championship 4th stageAlūksne13.07 - 14.07
Latvian Championship 5th stageAizkraukle10.08 - 11.08
European Championship, FR-1000Aizkraukle, Latvija10.08 - 11.08
Latvian Championship 6th stageJelgava01.09 - 01.09

*the competition dates are a subject to change, please, keep up with changes.

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