Ride with an F2 powerboat

For all the thrill lovers we offer a chance to enjoy a ride inside an F2 double-seat powerboat, piloted by the world's champion. If you or anyone you know is in need of a huge adrenaline boost, then this is the chance just for you! 

W4racing's powerboat is the first and only Formula2 double-seat made in Latvia and even the first and only one in Eastern Europe. The ride in F2 is piloted by an experienced and award-winning pilot, while a professional rescue team will take care of safety on the water. Before enjoying the trip, every participant is informed about the safety regulations and is given a suitable life jacket and h

F2 Double-seater

One of just five double-seat powerboats in the world! 

Boat size: Length - 6,50m, width - 2,35m.

Number of seats: 1 professional pilot, 1 passenger

Engine: Mercy Optimax 200XS, develops 200HP

Speed of the ride: Can reach up to 180km/h!!!

Length of the ride: 3 laps around the track*


Cost of the ride: 100 EUR

Apply for a rideHERE

Calendar for rides: HERE


We also organize various private rides - for birthdays, corporate events, bachelor parties etc. Costs of such events are calculated individually. 

You can apply for such events HERE, or by contacting us through our e-mail (info@w4racing.com) or by calling: +371 29631828

*may vary depending on the specifics of the track

+371 29631828