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    Gravity is not the only source of g-forces. They take hold whenever a vehicle, like a car or a plane, suddenly changes its velocity. Speed up, slow down, or make a turn, and your velocity will change. The faster it happens, the more force you will experience.
  • Understanding g-force
    The term g-force is used to convey values of force and acceleration Force - expressed as a proportion of the nominal gravitational force experienced when standing on the earth's surface. Acceleration - expressed as a proportion of the nominal gravitational acceleration experienced when in free-fall just above the earth's surface. Astronauts, fighter pilots and Formula One drivers might, for example, be said to experience a force or acceleration of so many ‘g’ when performing a particular manoeuvre. Unfortunately, use of the letter ‘g’ sometimes leads to the belief that the force involved is produced gravitationally, which is rarely the case. When a pilot changes speed or direction or a racing driver goes around a corner, it is the rocket, jet or internal combustion engine that provides the force needed to accelerate them, not gravity. In these cases the magnitude of the forces involved can be several times higher than the value of the Earth's gravitational force and hence, for example, they are said to experience 2 g, 3 g, 6 g, etc. In physics, G-force is used to describe the acceleration of an object relative to Earth's gravity. Assuming you are sitting at a desk or standing on solid ground right now, you are in a 1 G environment; Earth's standard force of gravity (G) is pushing against you as it normally does. However, when the powerboat makes a rapid, near-90 degree turn it creates a radial acceleration that can generate more than 6 G's of force — or six times the force of Earth's gravity. Because humans adapted to survive in a 1 G environment, any rapid increases or decreases in G-force can have immediate adverse effects. Part of this has to do with how blood circulates throughout your body. Pilots must maintain strong physical fitness, wellness and nutrition to have any hope of staying alert in high-G environments. Those feeling really transform this ride into something very different.
  • Temptation to speed
    Going fast is fun and exciting. There is a sudden spurt of the adrenaline hormone in your body, which in turn has many effects: your blood pressure rises instantly, your heart beat races, your body temperature rises, and you can feel a tingling in your limbs. These effects are seen in both males and females.
  • Big speed is a modern development
    The virtual thrills of a video game aren’t the same as real-world adventure. You don’t get your teeth knocked out playing Gran turismo on a PlayStation. And if you lose a machine-gun battle in Call of Duty, you don’t die – you hit the reset button. I prefer my experiences to be real. Dopamine is neurotransmitter, which is key to risk-taking and learning new skills. People whose brains don’t produce enough dopamine often struggle with apathy and a lack of motivation. Dopamine as a key ingredient to success. When you’re talking about someone who takes risks to accomplish something – climb a mountain, start a company, run for office - that’s driven by motivation, and motivation is driven by the dopamine system. This is what compels humans to move forward. Which explains why speed feels so great. Combine to confuse one’s spatial awareness, which seems to amplify the effects of the speed and g-forces. Breath taking experience, thrilling, lifelong experience. With extreme rides more popular than ever, people generally enjoy attractions like they can be motivated to explore the concepts that enable rides to deliver white-knuckle thrills in a safe way.
  • Arrival & Registration
    Our friendly team will welcome you for an unforgettable experience.On arrival you'll be run through a quick briefing, before getting a helmet fittedand strapped into the two-seater powerboat, ready for the high-speed ride tobegin.
  • Experience
    3... 2... 1... Go go go! You'll feel the immense power of these boats, reaching 6Gs on the corners and speeds up to 180kmph, leaving you grinning from ear to ear and absolutely breathless.
  • On-Board HD Video, Photo & Check Out"
    Treasure your experience forever by the On-Board HD video and photo. Our powerboat is fitted with the latest cameras that record the ride for you. An HD video from on board your driving experience that captures you in the pasanger’s seat will be available after event. Exhilarating entertainment. Perfect for friends, company, club and group events. Great for special celebrations – birthdays, stag and hen parties. Now here is a video of this thrilling ride – and yes, that is me that you will hear screaming.
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