Who can do this experience?

Anyone who wants to experience the thrill of super speed powerboat.

How old do I have to be?

Our program is designed for any guests age 12+ and can take a thrill ride.

I’m over 200cm, am I too tall?

Our double seater powerboat build for tall people, as our pilot Martins Bergholcs is 204 cm tall, so cabin has
enough space and fit tall enough people with helmets.

I should NOT do this experience if…

I have pre-existing health conditions that could be distressed by G-Forces and high speeds, I’m pregnant,
have high blood pressure, am prone to motion sickness, have heart/neck/back issues, or have had recent
surgery or any medical condition which could be aggravated.
I need to opt for a ride if I have: prosthetic or casted arms, neck, legs, hands, or feet.

What should I wear?

Feel comfortable. No racing suits are required. Close-toe shoes will be proper footwear.

Is there food or drink?

We provide drivers. Some events will have concessions. That can be arranged on individual agreement.

Inclement weather on event day?

Mother Nature tosses curve balls. Inclement weather* conditions may cause powerboat experience to be rescheduled to a different time or date, so keep that possibility in mind when planning your day with us.
*Inclement weather includes (but is not limited to): heavy rain, snow, high winds, hurricane or tornado warnings, puddling, flooding, lightning, fog.

I’ve got a NEED FOR SPEED! How fast can I really go?

Formula double seater powerboat has no break pedal. In addition to speed you’ll enjoy the feeling of cornering, and accelerating like a professional racer, on a real agility racetrack. Your speeds will depend on both the race pond you choose to attend, and your personal skill level.

Can I wear my own helmet?

Life jackets are provided at the event, but you may wear your own helmet.

Can I use my own GoPro or drone at the experience?

Sorry guys – liability woes say no. Personal cameras have the chance of falling, so they can’t be mounted or attached to the powerboat, driver, or rider. Drones aren’t usually allowed per race rules, but would also be distracting to others or could fall. But you’re in luck – we do provide a video package!