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Set foot in an even bigger, more colorful,

and more impressive

fairground than ever before!


Your skills will be tested, so get ready for the most intense racing game.

The virtual ride is equipped with a real-life powerboat where the driver will be sitting, a huge video screen, and an Oculus Rift VR headset to make the ride feel so immersive.

The leading innovator in powerboat ride experience is extending the World’s best water seens and ride to virtual reality. W4racing is giving event goers the opportunity to experience the perfect ride while others are in the water.

The virtual powerboat ride will get you on Formula powerboat agility corner without ever having to leave the coast.

  • Boat Racing game is the latest game for boat simulation. Boat Racing is full of thrill and adventure among most of Boat Racing games. 

  • Boat Racing game is an amazing game that allows you to steer your own boat in the deep sea, river and city.

  • Realistic world settings and amazingly detailed ocean-going vehicles as F1 speedboats, jetskis and motorboats are waiting for you!

Jump in the seat of this race simulator to have it all in an instant!

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